• Francie Wesorick


This month, I’m participating in Inktober. Inktober, is an October drawing challenge invented by a Utah based artist named Jake Parker. The challenge is that for every day of the month of October, you create a drawing using ink. The drawing can be big or small but the goal is to draw every day.

Jake invented the idea of Inktober to improve his own drawing skills. His idea has gone viral and now artists all over the world are participating in Inktober and posting their drawings every day online.

I’m really enjoying participating in this challenge and I’m only on day 8. I’m hoping to improve both my speed and style of drawing by doing quick sketches. It’s also really fun to follow what other artists are posting. Happy Inktober!!

Getting spooky on Day 7.

Karl the hedgehog on day 8.

October landscape on day 2.

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